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About Ace Hospitality:

Kissimmee is dubbed the “Vacation Home Capital of the World”. The mission of Ace is to facilitate the emerging trend of experiential hospitality with vacation homes. As the vacation home industry continues to expand Ace desired to create alignment with the owner, developer and renter. The importance of alignment can be witnessed daily across the vacation rental community spectrum. In a typical scenario the developer creates the community, sells vacation rental dwellings and builds an amenity package to enhance the sales process. As the community sells out the developer turns the amenity over to the owners’ association and the developer exits. At this point the misalignment begins to occur. The support from the developer for the community and its amenities wanes as the sales process closes. The owners’ association is ill equipped to manage the community and amenity due to inadequate funding. The owners desire occupancy for their rental dwellings and hire a multitude of rental management companies who proceed to create occupancy based on rate competition. The plethora of competing rental managers have no equity in the community and are fee based. As the rental managers compete for occupancy they drive down average daily rate and the downward spiral of the vacation rental community accelerates. The owner is left to manage a fragmented community competing with other owners in a declining rate and occupancy scenario. This is not a healthy outcome.

Alignment with owners, renters and the developer is essential to create a sustainable community for all parties.

Ace understands that for the owner to have a sustainable rental dwelling the community, the amenity and the experience for the renter needs to be a paramount focus.




-We use all channels of marketing and media to ensure that we get the most exposure for your property

-We are light years ahead of others when it comes to search engine optimization and social media


Owner Relations:

-We have a dedicated Owner Relations team that will work with you and your renter 1 on 1 during the entire length of your contract.


Maintenance Program:

Asset management is essential to protect the integrity of the rental dwelling including internal and external maintenance.



Ace is proud to offer trust/escrow accounting. Trust/escrow accounting is simply segregating the renter’s payments into trust/escrow accounts prior to these rental payments being earned by the owner or the rental manager. These trust/escrow accounts protect the owner from the rental manager comingling the renters prepaid funds with the property managers operating accounts. Lack of trust/escrow accounting is illegal in many US states.