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Kent Bjorklund

Corporate Director

Kent brings over 20 years of hospitality experience including 10 years at Walt Disney World. He has developed corporate strategies for multiple companies with a strong emphasis on the customer experience. By employing data analytics and process engineering, Kent has emerged as a change agent within the short-term rental industry. 

Mathew Brittain

Operations Director

Mathew is a 19 year veteran of the hospitality industry and is a well-respected executive in the field. He specializes in new destination operations and the implementing, purchasing, and inventory control systems that lower operating costs. Also, he is in charge of establishing and maintaining policies that promote the development and retention of highly skilled employees and vendors. 

Kevin Maw

Marketing Manager

Kev joins the Ace Hospitality team following a career of business development in the UK.
With 6 years of vacation rental marketing experience and an accomplished blogger and social media influencer, he also brings an insider persepective as a long standing homeowner within Reunion.